Welcome pilgrim and those in search of a journey of spiritual significance…

Christian-Pilgrimage Tours is dedicated to providing soulful travel. Whether you have the desire to be healed, need questions answered or want to experience joy of exploring some of the most beautiful and ancient sites… immerse yourself in the spirit of a pilgrimage. Since 2003 we have been offering pilgrims Christian tours to countries such as Israel, Egypt Jordan, Italy, France, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom.

We are a passionate about creating travel experiences that will help you grow your own spiritual journey within. Many of our pilgrims experience a spiritual awakening and a deeper connection with the Divine when at locations where miracles were performed or locations where a deity is said to have lived and many sites seem to have healing or other special spiritual powers.

Our itineraries are specially curated by Dr Marlene Martin providing added resources and secrets which are drawn from her years of experience and vast biblical knowledge. Our Christian tours are designed for group travel and we specialise in church, school and special interest groups and we also tailor pilgrimages for smaller intimate groups.

Now is the time to strengthen your connection with God through a pilgrimage to the world’s oldest and most sacred sites.

Dr Marlene L. Martin